Comparing web services for output equality

The other day I had to figure out a way to compare two different web services to see whether a subset of their output are equal or not. One of these services (let’s call it the legacy service) is capable of emitting XML as a response, while the other one (a completely new service that is intended to be a replacement for the legacy code) uses JSON. Unfortunately, the output of these two are only similar in a conceptual way; their structure differs a lot, they use very different ways of structuring data. I checked out some common frameworks for testing web services, and though all of them were useful for parts of my task, they proved to be hard to use for my complete work. Of course, all these frameworks all all too general purpose, while my problem is, I guess, not that of a common use case. At this time I started experimenting with REST Assured – a framework that finally saved me a lot of time and effort. In the below short post I will describe how easy it was to get my job done in a relatively short time, with this cool framework.

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