Agile != Scrum

“I hate Agile. It’s full of these pointless meetings like planning – which is a complete waste of time.”

I’ve overheard a colleague of mine say this the other morning. Of course, he meant Scrum. Many people think these two concepts are the very same and use them interchangeably. Agile, however, is a much broader category;it contains loads of software development methodologies – one such being Scrum itself. Let’s see a quick (and far not complete) overview: 




The bars above show how heavyweight a process is. The more things prescribed by a methodology, the more heavyweight it is. Scrum is pretty huge; it defines roles, meetings – it pretty much schedules your days two weeks ahead. On the other hand, Lean development only defines principles – like amplify learning – and does not say anything about implementation details.

So if you think Agile is bad (a waste of time, too restrictive, or on the contrary, too permissive), you perhaps just had a not so well chosen process. Take another look, it may worth trying a new agile methodology.