OCMJEA (former SCEA) exam – experiences. Part 1

Ok, so I had this new year’s resolution that I would complete three certifications, among which the most challenging seemed to be the Oracle Certified Master – Java Enterprise Architect exam. Some weeks ago I took the exam (perhaps you know that the exam has three parts: a theoretical test, an assignment and defending the architecture created in part 2) and passed it with 84%. I thought I would share my experiences. Here we go (but before that – all the information here relates to the version 5 of the exam. Version 6 was only a beta with no study guide when I started preparing): Continue reading “OCMJEA (former SCEA) exam – experiences. Part 1”

Thoughts on clean code

Back in high school I was taught Pascal. It was a really nice way of learning concepts, basics, programming structures in general. As time went by, I discovered Delphi. Now, Delphi (for those who don’t know) is an object oriented language, based on a Pascal-like syntax. And I was like “wow, I can write applications for Windows, but I’m still doing Pascal”. Continue reading “Thoughts on clean code”