Composite Design Pattern Kata

Today’s post is nothing elevated, just two examples from which one can understand this powerful design pattern.

First, let’s do a quick recap, how the pattern actually looks like: 

(if you’re new to design patterns, please find a detailed description here)

The exercises are the following (note that the second one usually looks easier, because it’s easier to imagine. However, you are gonna have a harder time if you want to do that properly using TDD. Mocking recursive structures is not the easiest thing to do):

  1. Implement an application that can draw(no, you don’t really have to draw, just implement the data structures) pictures using rectangles and circles. A picture can be made from primitives (rectangles and circles), primitives combined with other pictures (one or more primitives and at least one other picture – which is composed of primitives), and several pictures combined. (Spoiler: circles and rectangles are leaves, pictures are composite objects)
  2. Implement an application that can compute (yes, you really have to compute) the size of a directory. The size of a directory is equal to the sum of all the files it contains plus the size of its subdirectories. (Hint: you might want to wrap objects inside your Leaf and Composite classes. Spoiler: in this case plain files are leaves, directories are composites).

You can find a solution to the second problem here (implementation in Java, unit tested with JUnit and Mockito).

Author: tamasgyorfi

Senior software engineer, certified enterprise architect and certified Scrum master. Feel free to connect on Twitter: @tamasgyorfi

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