Reflection based programming

Usually I don’t write about language specific things, but today’s post is an exception. It’s purely Java. Also, this post is not about clean code or something, just an opinion. You either take it as an advice, or just forget about these things; it’s up to you.

I understand that Java Reflection is a terribly useful API, and I don’t say by any means that we should stop using it. One should definitely be using it when developing framweorks that can accept different kinds of plug-ins. In such situations, reflection can be our best friend. However, it should be used with care. Continue reading “Reflection based programming”

Planning poker et al

You probably know, or at least heard of Planning Poker. It’s a very funny event; the whole team gets together with the product owner, who presents the upcoming user stories one by one. After each story presented, the team have to estimate the amount of work that should be done in order to complete that user story. Continue reading “Planning poker et al”

Rediscovering Strategy pattern

A few weeks  ago, I had this idea of organizing an in-house self development group. Since then, we have already had three weekly meetings, with a kind of tricky exercise to solve. Continue reading “Rediscovering Strategy pattern”

Three ways of injecting dependencies

I know, I know, this has already been said at least a million times, but as I see it’s not yet obvious to everyone. So, in real short, let’s talk about three ways of injecting your dependencies and their pros and cons. Continue reading “Three ways of injecting dependencies”

Hey Ho, Let’s Go (Agile again)

I’ve already complained enough about us not being agile enough. I also realized that complaining and crying will not help us solve the situation we got into. There were a few problems arisen, ranging from tiny to not-so-tiny. Of course most of them will not go away overnight. It’s useless to tell “we’re doing completely wrong” and not to do anything about it. As one of my former colleagues would always say, “the s**t has to go away”. However, it only goes away if we found out which the s**ty parts were. Continue reading “Hey Ho, Let’s Go (Agile again)”